Al-Hadith Al-Qudsi (A Word Of Allah)

Author : Maulana Syed Mohammad Zaki Baqri

The Hadith Al-Qudsi is scattered in the Books of Tradition. Some of the scholars have made attempts to compile them. This presentation of Hadith Al-Qudsi has been taken from the book Kalimatullah by the great scholar Aqai Sayyid Hassan Shirazi . As a child I would listen to my father’s speeches and his daily communications. From time to time he used to mention these Hadith Al-Qudsi . Consequently, I have been reading them over and over again. This completion of Scared Hadith has been translated into Urdu by the late Maulanay sayid Ali Muhammed Ijlal Lakhnavi of India. I hope that readers will benefit from this translation, and pray for me and for the entire Muslim Ummah for their unity.

Was Salaam.

Syed Muhammad Zaki Baqri

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