Syed Mohammad Zaki Baqri

Hujjat ul Islam Maulana

Maulana Baqri has written several books and course curriculums from learning Quran to questions about pre-destiny and free will. He combines his acute sensitivity to human nature, in order to understand and explain the complexities of human experience in such simple terms that everyone can understand and follow.

His credentials are quite impressive, but what gives him a special place in our community is his unique awareness of both the eastern and western cultures along with their value system. His love of Islam as philosophy of life, his love of Ah-le-Bait and his own adherence to the simple yet profound principles of their lives make him an excellent teacher, counselor and spiritual guide.

Being aware of the social needs of the Muslim boys and girls living in the Western culture, he felt the need for an organization, which will help the young find their partner for life without having to go away from the islamic principle. He achieved this by starting Al-Baqri Association, which provides service to the local community.

While working with young minds he felt the need for a central place, open for everyone, to perform their religious duties and increase interaction among the community members. That thought lead to the establishment of Al Mahdi Center in 1995, which acts as a central place for Shia Muslims in and around toronto area and provides activities to young and old along with opportunities to perform religious duties.

He travels throughout the world conducting seminars, speeches and workshops on social issues facing the Muslim youth today, in the light of Islam, Prophet (ph) and Ah-le-Bait (as)